Task: Create the first Russian device for shaping a figure using the technology patented by the customer.

Appearance requirements: spectacular, ergonomic, "cosmic", but at the same time convenient design. Requirements for the internal appearance: to develop from scratch the mechanism of the manipulator and to make the layout of parts. Operation requirements: easily removable basin manipulators for frequent flushing, ergonomic handles on various parts of the device.

Completed: industrial design, 3D modeling, prototype, and serial production.

Beautylizer is the first Russian device for body-sculpting which uses the method of roller vibration compression with spheres.

The ART-UP Studio team has comprehensively developed the design and internal structure of the maniple and the rack for it. Our engineers have created and calculated all the elements of the maniple, including complex rotation mechanisms (gearbox) and controls (boards), a drum, silicone spheres, elements of the supporting frame, and body parts. The rack unit has a bright and conceptual appearance. On the top panel, there is a convenient slot for the manipulator and a display that reflects all the necessary parameters, which allows the specialist to easily monitor the process.

The device became the winner of the international IF DESIGN AWARDS 2019 in the product category.


Sketch design project

Ergonomics development and 3D modeling

For example, the following features were implemented:

*A silicone basin was developed to collect oil from the maniple after the procedure,

*For the convenience of moving around the medical office, hidden handles were provided that do not violate the overall shape,

*A system of spectacular illumination has been developed to indicate the operation of the device,

*Overall dimensions are designed to take into account the convenience of use by a specialist during the procedure (height, tilt of the display, storage location of the maniple),

*The device has high operational properties due to the developed shape and materials of the housing surface, providing simple hygienic care due to the developed shape and materials of the housing surface.




Development of a functional layout

Production of a serial sample

For this device, the experience of small-scale production of large-sized products using composite and modular equipment was realized:

* Technological equipment was manufactured by milling the base from MDF with subsequent formation of the matrix body with a silicone compound,

* Castings of parts are made by casting from two-component polyurethane,

* Control assembly of the frame and components of the device, fitting and refinement of parts was carried out.

* Fitting of parts, surface finishing, and then preparation and painting of parts and components of the device were carried out,

* Completed assembly

In April 2019, the device was presented at the international industrial fair HANNOVER MESSE 2019 among the selected products manufactured on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The Beautylizer device was put into production in 2019. He is a regular participant in INTERSHARM exhibitions and is also represented in the international catalog of IF DESIGN winners.


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