A customer approached us with the goal of designing a winter fishing rod using an innovative technology: magnetic rod balancing. The technique is unusual in that it does not require floats or nods, substantially simplifying the fishing procedure. The magnetic suspension whip acts as an indication of bite.

What was done: Industrial design, 3D modeling, construction development, prototyping.

How many people understand what a winter fishing pole is? For instance, we were unaware, yet we frequently work on highly specialized projects that need us to go in headlong and study at a professional level.

This is precisely what happened with the ERUNDA project (this is the name the customer came up with for his product). And this is all because the fishing rod used for winter fishing is extremely short,  not exceeding 175 mm in length.


A comparison of fishing rods for winter fishing with fish for the sake of clarity.

What the customer had

The fishing rod mechanism with magnetic balancing rod has previously been patented and a prototype constructed, but it was milled from duralumin. It is not the ideal material, considering that the fishing rod is used in the winter at temperatures as low as -35 degrees, which might cause metal to freeze.

Additionally, there are a few other requirements:

* limits on weight (up to 80 g);

* the presence of a folding stand;

* guaranteeing the product's buoyancy;

* resistance to severe mechanical stresses; potential for unintentional breakage;

* resistance to UV radiation from the sun.


The duralumin prototype, provided by the customer.

The client has selected the target demographic as sport fisherman; ice fishing enthusiasts; families with active children; and individuals who purchase the product as a gift.

The list is extensive, and each customer has their own "wish list." As a result, when creating the product, we attempted to strike a balance between the following:

* a high-quality product that athletes will adore;

* external attractiveness to entice you to purchase a fishing rod as a present;

* ergonomics, due to the fact that it is used in rather hard situations;

* competitive price.

Sketch design project

We provided the client with alternatives for fishing rods in a variety of forms and three distinct patterns.

Additionally, practical aspects such as a container for hook storage in the handle of a fishing rod, a casing for a reel with a smooth stroke, and the usage of cork material to boost buoyancy were proposed.

Initially, the company's colors - red and black – were chosen.

We've already started 3D modeling during the sketching stage. We frequently apply this technique to provide a more realistic image.

Detailed illustration of the sketch

The buyer selected the design and form after analyzing the provided material. We specified the chosen alternative, established the product's rough dimensions and material composition, sketched in the hidden fasteners, and inserted the logo.

The end result is a product image with harmonious streamlined forms, an ergonomic handle, and a vibrant red upper body.


Sketching the chosen option.

Visualization and 3D modeling

We translated everything that was conceptualized in the sketch to 3D throughout the 3D modeling step. Art Up Studio's designers defined the overall shape of the future product, specified all of the device's measurements, and specified the case's thickness.

We recommended new color schemes throughout the visualization stage.

Construction development


* Create an engineering layout and split it into components.

* Ascertain that the connections are completely sealed;

* Ensure that the housing construction is lightweight;

* Select materials for manufacture that are UV resistant and buoyant.

* Examine the geometric dimensions of the magnets' placement, the balancer's axis of rotation, and the stroke limiters.

* Ensure that the balancer operates without clogging or friction, taking thermal expansion coefficients into consideration over the given working temperature range.

* Prepare injection-moulded components for manufacturing;

During the design phase, the engineer decided to make the upper half of the product a two-component casting to ease the assembly process. It is hermetically snapped into the bottom half, securing the nod and leg rotation axis, the magnet, and the coil screw.

Exploded-view of the fishing rod.

As a result, we have a light and compact fishing rod with an ergonomic grip and a technical stand that is suitable for ice fishing and is made for true fisherman!

In the future, an electronic bite indicator device in the same style and design as the fishing rod will be included into the developed product.

Designers: Irina Musatova and Oleg Bazoev

Engineer-designer: Nikita Pelevin

Art-Director: Alexey Kutyaev

IF Design Award 2019-2021 Скачать бланк ТЗ Презентация