Task: Based on the dimensions provided, create a beautiful, ergonomic, and comfortable design for a medical gadget. Create an internal arrangement for the elements, choose components, design and compute a reinforced frame, and create an interface.

Completed: industrial design, 3D modeling, prototyping.

The NOBILIS device was built on the request of AKELA-N, the market leader in the manufacturing of medical and technical gases, as well as technical equipment for their application. It is meant to give a respiratory mixture to a patient throughout the course of medical measures. The device's originality comes from a treatment procedure that has no analogs and is based on the use of an inert gas known as xenon.

The device's design was created by the ART UP Studio team. All of the components, including the gas cylinders, control electronics, and display have been chosen. A welded structure has been built and calculated to hold the exterior panels of the housing and technology hatches in place. The gadget is easy to operate and has a handle for traveling around the office. If the cylinders need to be changed, they may be accessed quickly and easily. Every aspect of the body is created in a precise and modern medical manner.

In addition to the internal components and the device's look, our experts created a user-friendly and straightforward interface that allows the doctor to simply adjust the device's modes during therapy sessions.


Sketch design project

3D modelling


The gadget debuted in 2017 within the context of the Open Innovations Forum, where it was highly praised by the Innovation Promotion Fund and RUSNANO Group leadership.

IF Design Award 2019-2021 Скачать бланк ТЗ Презентация